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Santa Fe: Haiku

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

At Agua Fria and Camino Alire:

Through the red light Broken down car – Chihauhau grinning.


Gust of wind A flock takes flight - Dry winter leaves.


At the dog park today off 599, and a changing friendship:

Distant mountains retreating with dusk - unanswered phone.


Melting snow falls in the morning -all is passing Honey with my cup of tea.


Snow blossoms on branches A mourning dove cries My heart opens.


Gazing from the porch a red balloon floats higher in the sky - free!


Along the twisted edges

of the still branches

trembling lilac blossoms


Blooms blush on branches The wheel of time turns A smile in my heart


Winter moon in the branches the nightingale sings



In the zendo, in the kitchen, A familiar face missing - the snow moon wanes.


Profound sigh in the night asleep on the bed - dreaming dog!

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